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1. Lifted Into Orbit  (Hubble Space Telescope)


2. Vaults of Heaven  (Canterbury Cathedral)


3. Overhearing the Stars  (Arecibo Observatory)


4. Constellations of Arabesques  (La Mezquita, Cordoba)


5. Cosmic Addresses (Mount Palomar), 

    In Memoriam Edgar Froese


6. Monsoon Skies (Angkor Wat)



Cover photos & design by Levente


All tracks composed, performed & engineered by Levente


Sky is of all visual impressions the nearest akin to a Feeling - it is more a Feeling than a Sight.   (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


Mankind has been querying the skies for millennia, driven by scientific and/or spiritual motivations. 


Levente’s fifth studio album is inspired by these two different approaches, with tracks dedicated to some of the most notable places where we have turned our gaze toward the skies.


The tracks inspired by astronomic observatories and places of worship demanded compositional styles to range from medieval music to oriental to ambient music.


One track is also dedicated to the memory of the electronic music legend Edgar Froese, who passed away in 2015.


Release dates: 1 September 2015 (download), 5 October 2015 (CD)





Levente (Levente Toth) is a United Kingdom-based

synth artist and published photographer.

Born in Transylvania’s Hungarian ethnic minority, his

main escapism during the communist dictatorship

was electronic music.


He built his first analogue synth when he was a

teenager living under the Ceausescu regime.

Music creation has really begun later on in his home studio, which he established after his relocation to the UK in 1995.


His CDs released by the former PeopleSound and Vitaminic labels were noted for the compositional versatility, which created well-received blends of medieval, ethnic and space/ambient elements.


One composition from his debut album was also featured on the compilation CD entitled “Noua Romanie – Rebirth of a Nation”, which was a special project released by Earthtone / Sonic Images Records founded by the legendary Christopher Franke (ex-Tangerine Dream).



Places                        (2000)

Tales From Time      (2002)

Ex Libris                    (2003)

Explorers                  (2005)

Firmamentum          (2015)


Featured on the compilations:

Noua Romanie – Rebirth of a Nation (one track featured, 2001, Sonic Images / Earthtone Records, USA)

Ambient Online Vol. 5 (two featured tracks, 2015, Ambient Online / Synphaera, CA, USA)



Website:                                                                         Distribution sites:    Amazon   |   CDBaby   |   Bandcamp   |   Routenote


Twitter:                                                                       Also on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Earbits Radio, XRP and EGH Radio







Vaults of Heaven (single: "The Master Builders")

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